Comparative graph and financial effect of the difference between the price of heat approved by KEVR

15 June 2022

Total under-income as at 30.06.2022 – 368 535 598 lv.


* Data for May are preliminary;

** The comparison is between the price of heat approved by KEVR by Decision C-26/01.07.2021 and the real price for the period determined according to the KEVR methodology, applying the validated gas price for the month Decision C-36 of 01.10.2021 and the current stock spot price of carbon emissions for the period EEX EUA spot market.

 *** As a result of the higher prices of natural gas and carbon emissions compared to the forecast set in kevr's price decision, by the end of June 2022 the company will have an underappreciated revenue of 368,5 million. Lv.