Become a Customer

become a customer

1. Step

Decision by the General Assembly of the Condominium with the written consent of the owners, owning at least two thirds (67%)  of the property in the building in ideal parts. A report shall be drawn up (Sample 1) and a list of voting owners is attached (Sample 2).


2. Step

Together with the minutes of the General Meeting and the list of owners, an application is submitted in free text or on a form (Sample 3).

The documents can be entered in all Customer Service Centers of Toplofikacia Sofia.

3. Step

After checking the legitimacy of the entered documents, proceed to the signing of a contract with the authorized person of the condominium building.


For information, submission of requests or conclusion of a contract with Dyalovo distribution of "Toplofikatsia Sofia" EAD please contact us at:

Address: Sofia Borovo st. Yastrebec 23B