Consultancy services Invitation for expressions of interest



The Invitation for Expressions of Interest follows the General Procurement Notice for this project published in Procurement Opportunities, on the EBRD website: 25 October 2011.

Toplofikacia Sofia expects to receive a Grant from Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF) administered by the Nuclear Safety Department of EBRD towards the costs of technical assistance under the Project for plant design and implementation preparation. The main objective of the assignment shall be:

1. survey and proposal for site and location of the installation comparing four heat production plant sites;
2. principal design of the CHP for energy utilization of RDF in compliance with  Bulgarian Ordinance No4 for scope and content of investment projects;
3. terms of reference for assignment of environmental impact assessment report  preparation, in compliance with Bulgarian legislation;
4. technical specifications and tender documentation for assignment of plant installation under FIDIC  conditions for “turn key” contract ;
5. application form for financing the Plant in full compliance with the standard application form (for reference see annex 21 of European Commission regulation (EC) 1828/2006 (i.e. Implementing regulation) including all necessary supporting documents and annexes and financial, institutional, risk and sensitivity and socio-economic analyses.

The project envisages design and construction of a plant for combined heat and power production (CHP plant) with an unique feature - utilization of fuel, derived from municipal solid wastes – RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). The plant shall be located on the territory of Sofia city, on the site of one of the heating plants of Toplofikacia Sofia and shall utilize to a maximum extent the existing infrastructure.

The assignment is expected to start in the second quarter of 2012 and last about 7 months.

The contract will be financed from Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support Fund (KIDSF) Eligible countries as of 1 February 2012 are: EU member states, Switzerland and the EBRD countries of operation.

Corporate services are required for this assignment. The Consultant shall be a firm or consortium of firms and should be internationally qualified, with established adequate capability and experience in similar consultancy assignments within the last ten years in accordance with national and/or international codes and standards, certification and international practices in the following areas:

1. design of installations for utilization of municipal solid wastes and/or fuels derived from them- at least one project for the last 5 years;
2. design of energy facilities for combined heat and power production, and equipment for purification of flue gases and waste waters;
3. preparation of application forms for financing from EU funds;
4. elaboration of technical specifications and tender documentation under FIDIC conditions of contract;
5. The Consultant shall have experience within the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and sound knowledge of legal requirements in Bulgaria.

If a firm does not posses all the required expertise for the assignment, it may consider forming a joint venture/consortium with other firms. In such cases, the Expression of Interest should provide the aforementioned details for each partner and an indication which firm is the lead partner.
Short-listed firms will be formally invited to submit proposals following this invitation. A firm (and/or its associates and affiliates) selected for the assignment, will be requested to limit its role to that of Consultant and disqualify itself from work in any other capacity (including tendering on any part of the Project) except that of consulting services for follow on services, if any.

In order to determine the capability and experience of consulting firms seeking to be shortlisted, the information submitted shall include the following:

company profile, organization and staffing. Information about organization, home and field office support in management and logistics. The consultant shall have at its disposal qualified and well structured main team, high educated, with adequately qualified project manager.
details of relevant experience of similar assignments undertaken in the previous five years (project title, contractual role of the firm, objectives and brief description of the project, location, start and completion date, functions and tasks carried out, total project value and service contract price, written references where possible); The references shall focus on tasks and functions similar to this consultancy assignment.
information about financial situation of the company – annual turnover and income from similar activities for the last three (3) fiscal years and reference link to a web site, where its complete financial reports have been published
CV of project manager who could carry out the assignment, detailing qualifications and specific experience in similar assignments. The project manager shall have minimum 15 years relevant international expertise.

The above information should not exceed 25 pages excluding CV.

One original and 3 copies of the above information, in English, shall be submitted to the Toplofikacia Sofia EAD in an envelope marked Expression of Interest for Technical assistance for design of CHP in Sofia with RDF utilization, not later then 5 March 2012.

Further information may be obtained from:

Anastasiya Markova

Toplofikacia Sofia EAD
23 Jastrebetz str.
1680 Sofia, Bulgaria

tel: +359 2 8593171
fax: +359 2 8599124